Fusha e Konsulences: 


I. Consultant Identification
Consultant Name TBI Consulting Contact Person Artan Bozo
Country Albania Legal Status Legal Entity
City Tirana Consultant Ownership Local
Address Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, "Sky Tower" Business Center, 103 |Tirane, Albania Percent Private 100%
Year Established 2006
Telephone 00355 42 268 048    
Email address info@tbi-al.com    
Website www.tbi-al.com    
 II. Consultant Information
Services offered 
1. ISO Standards
2 .Due Diligence & Projects.
3. Debt Collection.


4. Trainings.
5.HR & Recruitments.
Please list any certification, qualification, membership of associations, or training participated in
Name (type of certification/ qualification, name of association, or title of course) Location Year
ISO 9001  Lead Auditor    
ISO 14001  Lead Auditor    
OHSAS 18001  Lead Auditor    
ISO 22001  Lead Auditor    
ISO 27001  Lead Auditor    
ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate     
Member of Albanian Consulting Network    
III. Consultant Profile
TBI Consulting established in 2006 with a national and international EXPERIENCE on management, structure, environmental and HR areas operates based on the long years experience and practice of our consultants.
Carefully selected staff, qualified consultants for any area offer high standard ADVICE, providing to our clients the key to SUCCESS.
Service Offered:     
ISO Standards consultancy includes without being limited:
- Quality Management System ISO 9001;
- Environmental Management System ISO 14001;
- Health and Safety OHSAS 18001;
- Food Safety Management System ISO 22000;
- Information Security Management System ISO 27001,                                                         
 - Information Technology Service Management ISO 20000                                                        
- Social Accountability SA 8000                                                                                      
TBI advises the companies regarding ISO standards requirements as well as assist them to fulfill these requirements.
Due Diligence is a kind of comprehensive analyzing of the legal situation of a company by reviewing the documentation and by interviewing the persons closely related to the company management. The TBI team of experts has realized Due Diligence for companies operating in different areas such as telecommunication, IT, transport, pharmaceutical, etc.
Projects: Our lawyers  have been selected as legal experts in many projects of EU and other international organizations. Some of the most successful activities of TBI is the performance of legal analysis, draft of legal acts/ bylaws, preparation of legal reports.
Debt collection is a legitimate and necessary business activity where creditors are able to take reasonable steps to secure payment from consumers or businesses who are legally bound to pay money they owe.
The professionalism, devotion and commitment of the qualified staff of TBI results in a high level of debt collection.
 If the debt is not collected on the out of court stages, our team can suggest the  objective possibility to proceed with legal proceedings against the debtor.
Over the past years we have organized successful and specific trainings for business companies and other entities. Training is crucial element in achieving the aimed performance and helps to the  company growth.
So far, we have realized trainings regarding the following areas: 
• Time Management
• Customer service
• Direct sales
• Presentation, Communication, Negotiations Skills

•    Training on decision makers
•    Operations Management
•    HR Management
•    Financial Management
•    Project management
•    Business Plan Development
•    Strategic Planning
•    Leadership
•    Develop Administrative Support Staff Skills

• ISO 9001 Internal and Lead Auditor
• ISO 14001 Internal and Lead Auditor
• ISO 18001 Internal and Lead Auditor
• ISO 22001 Internal and Lead Auditor
• HACCP Plan Internal and Lead Auditor

Human resources are one of the most important and complex matters today’s companies are facing. Qualified people and motivated one is the key to business success. We care for our customers and we care for development and motivation of our customer employees.
To have a successful team you should have a successful recruitment process.
Our experts are applying the most advanced techniques on selection and recruitment process consisting in employee satisfaction survey.