Advanced Trainings

  • Training Needs Assessment on a yearly bases.
  • Internal member-to-member trainings free for the members ,
  • Promotion of members’ training programs ,
  • Development of own introductory course on basic consulting skills to be provided to new members and potential members.
  • Organization of seminars, workshops and roundtables on topics relevant to the consulting profession .

As part of membership service package, the aim will be to develops skills and training activities for Consultants regarding:

Development of training and / or certification / accreditation of programs for new advisory skills based on market demands and on improving the profession of management consultants. Such skills and relevant trainings modules might in the fields of: business intermediaries, corporate social responsibility, exporting, rehabilitation, risk and crisis management, customer relationship management, innovation, executive recruitments, EU Financing, etc.

  • Development of additional modules in 1-day short trainings such as Organization and Management of a consulting company, negotiation skills, etc.
  • Development of ACN training module on Project Management.
  • Development of ACN valorization system and / or standard related to the quality of consulting services.
  • Promotion of the European Management Consultancy Services Standard EN 16114.