Albanian Association of Marketing

Fusha e Konsulences: 

I. Consultant Identification

Consultant Name Albanian Association of Marketing Contact Person Iris Kazazi
Country Albania Legal Status  
City Tirana Consultant Ownership  
Address Ave. "Zogu I", Bld. "Kirschberger", No 2/3 Percent Private  
Year Established 2009 Telephone +35542415890
Email address Website 

 II. Consultant Information

Services offered 

AAM offers a rich variety of products and activities to all members of marketing community trying to be their industry choice. Together with them we help each other in:
• Understanding markets and its demands
• Implementing M4P and/or other deveopment projects
• Developing strategy and marketing/business plans
• Developing and managing brands/marks and reputation
• Selecting and managing channels to market
• Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing
• Researches, surveys, market and economic analysis, etc
• Collecting, storing and utilizing data effectively
• Ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance
• Managing the ongoing commercial viability of products and services
• Designing, organizing events, sponsorship and PR activities
• Acknowledging market standards
• Increasing comprehensive capacities through interpretation services and market tailored training programs


III. Consultant Profile

The Albanian Association of Marketing is a forum of dedicated professionals specialized in marketing disciplines, market intelligence and channels, technologies and other market related activities.
Albanian Association of Marketing’s goal is to create opportunities for learning and networking to promote standards of excellence and best practices, responsible marketing, carrier and business success. We also aim to increase consumer confidence in the marketing industry by taking a leadership role in responding to consumer concerns.
Consistent with our mission, we are focused on building member value through resources, education, networking, and community. We encourage the exchange of ideas, information, and best practices by presenting marketing case studies and the latest innovations of industry leaders. AAM is closely working with different institutions in Albania including Economic Faculty-University of Tirana, Albanian Academy of Science, Ministry of Education and Science, UNDP, Swiss Cooperation founded projects and institutions, FiBL, Italian Cooperation, Netherlands Development Organization, etc.
AAM posses a database of most successful Albanian private business including different type of operations such as services, production, local and international ones which are currently used for researches purposes and other partnerships.