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Fondacioni "ARZHV" Agjensia Rajonale e Zhvillimit Vlorë
Regional Development Agency (RDA) Foundation - Vlorë

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Ylldise Brahimaj
Vendi Shqipëri Statusi Ligjor
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Adresa Rr. Pjetër Budi, Pall. "Fasked", Ap. 9/1
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Viti i Themelimit 1993
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The South-West Regional Development Agency (RDA) Foundation serves the business community in the Districts of  Southern and overall in Albania . It supports economic development, particularly SME development, in the south western region of Albania.

Regional Development Agency (RDA) was first established under the EC – “PHARE” program and SME Foundation in 1993. Vlore RDA is operation in Southern and overall of Albania
From this time until 1998 the agency operated under the name Regional Business Agency
Its tasks and activities are related to regional and local economic and rural development and it has been supported by different donor funded projects (EU, USAID, GTZ, UNDP, World Bank etc.), in particular:    The Regional Development Agency is a group of local business service providers (BSP) that promote social- economic development initiatives in Albania.

During  22 years of operation,  Vlore RDA’s activities have included; training of SME , food processing, data analysis and collection of information from businessmen, fostering business relations at home and abroad, providing business services; facilitating access to finance for existing and new businesses; organizing training events for donors; promoting and organization trade fairs, conferences and other events that have had an impact on the economic growth; and, the social advancement of our region.

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Training and consulting of SMEs. The Regional Development Agency is a group of local business service providers that promote social and economic development initiatives in Albania. 
‘We provide professional training, counselling, and technical support and disseminate information with its partners across a variety of sectors.  Also operate as regional resource centre, facilitating the exchange of information among RDAs network of partners and providing local level support to communities.